Because of the tension between the two, their alliance was fragile at best. An example of an alliance is a treaty signed by countries after the end of the war and which serves as an agreement to cooperate in the future. An example of an alliance is two teenage girls who are best friends and don`t let anything happen to each other. How can we add the distrust to do with everything around you in mutually beneficial alliances and partnerships? Can we do it in Eurasia? These and other issues were discussed by participants at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum during televised debates organized by RT. Sergey Karaganov, dean of the Faculty of Global Economics and International Affairs at the HSE, believes that Russia and Europe should unite in the East. (a) cooperate, at the international level and among themselves, to resolve trade problems of common interest, including trade in raw materials;b) strive to best agree with each other the broadest trade opportunities; (c) take full account of their respective interests and needs in terms of improving access to industrial, semi-primary and primary products and the further transformation of resources;d) bringing economic operators together in both regions; in order to bring together the economic players of the two regions, bring together the economic operators of the two regions, bring together the economic operators of the two regions, bring together the economic players of the two regions, bring together the economic operators in the two regions, create access to industrial products, semi-finished products and primary products, and the further transformation of resources; New trade pattern;e) study and recommendation of trade promotion actions that could encourage the expansion of imports and exports; (f) other contracting parties, where possible, views that contemplate measures that could harm trade between the two regions. In international economic law in particular, the term «agreement» is also used as a title for a broad multilateral agreement (for example. B).B-Agreements on raw materials). The use of the term «agreement» developed slowly in the first decades of this century.

Today, most international instruments are called agreements. One of the most profound effects of alliances can be seen in technological innovation, due to the flow of open knowledge flows between allies, but between rivals. [17] The question of the Union`s legal status relates mainly to its ability to enter into contracts or to adhere to agreements or agreements, since the Union, composed of three different communities with legal activity (European Community, ECSC and Euratom) and two areas of intergovernmental cooperation, does not have what international law refers to as «contractual competences» , i.e., to conclude agreements with third countries.