ii. The CTCC, CTCC Corporate members and all reporting agencies and the CPA will reach an agreement on the assignment report in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. 5. Reports on the creation of new businesses. The annual report contains an update that announces the existence of a company that meets the definition of a Scientology-related company and has not been previously disclosed to the service. The report must include, for example. B, any new entity created after December 31 of the previous fiscal year (or for the first annual report after November 1, 1992), with the exception of a subordinate unit that is subject to one of the group exemptions provided in Section III. paragraph C. For publication, the following information is provided in the management report: (i) the name and address; (ii) if applicable, the employer`s identification number; (iii) the nature of their goals and activities; (iv) the company`s senior executives, directors and/or directors; (v) a balance sheet at the end of the fiscal year; (vi) an income and effort account at the end of the fiscal year; (vii) the ownership of the unit; (viii) the company`s relationship with another Scientology-related company and ix) a statement indicating whether and to what extent the new entity or one of its business activities has or could affect the exempt status of another Scientology-related unit, or, alternatively, the specific reasons why the CTCC considers that the creation and operation of the new unit does not have such effects.

c. Individual members of the CTCC. The individual members of the CTCC are David Miscavige, Norman Starkey, Mark Rathbun and Heber Jentzsch. No member of the CTCC is allowed to resign from his service at the CTCC unless he is dead, convicted as incompetent or by mutual agreement between the parties to this agreement. b. any derogation from the performance or compliance of obligations, alliances, agreements, obligations, conditions or conditions of this agreement by the service or by a Scientology organization or unit linked to the Church; «In general. The Commissioner may enter into a written agreement with any person on the liability of that person (or the person or estate for which he is acting) with respect to an internal income tax for a tax period that expires before or after the date of this agreement.