This is a binding agreement signed. This is serious. And if your kids like their devices and want to keep them, then there must be rules. What I like about this agreement is that the parenting room recognizes that online time is important for children – because it is. Common Sense Media is a website with which every family should quickly become friends for so many reasons. More resources to support communication and engagement in the family. Stay light, but be serious. Do it at dinner or sundaes. Do it with your own family or bring together several families and do it together. It doesn`t matter how — it`s just important that you do it. For children, digital life is real life. This is where they build friendships, take a stand on issues and do much more. Schools and educators committed to digital citizenship can use this toolkit to find valuable tips and tools to share with families.

With research-based resources that cover a number of topics – from online security and cyber-harassment to media review and learning with technology — you can easily find and share articles, videos, printable flyers, prefabricated presentations and more in your classroom, on your school`s website or in your parent`s social feed or on your parent`s next night. To plan a school or regional program for families, start with our guide to implementing families in digital citizenship. Our family has just signed our first family media agreements. Thanks for this article. I agree with almost everything you have said and we will conclude our family agreement tonight. Let me know! I am always in favour of learning better ways to cope with this great task of parenting our digital children! Thank you very much, thank you to Common Sense Media for everything you do to keep my family smart, safe and strong online! These contracts recognize that the media today is a big part of children`s lives, even if parents do not necessarily understand why. These «Family Media Agreements» are designed to build trust between families and to help children understand why their parents may be concerned about their use of the media, rather than feeling that their parents do not understand. Enabling children to be held accountable for protecting their privacy, reputation and personal data can be the beginning of a solid foundation for understanding and responsible management of the digital world. Yep. We are a digital family in the digital age, and it`s time to put all the important things on the table. Signed.

In ink. It`s a big time. Free weekly SMS tips for families on how to practice healthy media habits at home. Simply put, a family media agreement is a family member contract that describes safe practices for online behaviour. Discussion questions and brief family activities in keeping with the lessons of Digital Citizenship K-12. Read it with your family and make sure it`s cool with everyone. For this to work, each member must be on board. Anyone can create a media agreement just for your family, and especially if you have kids who use mobile devices, surf the Internet or play on interactive platforms like Minecraft or Club Penguin, you should consider this step.