The title of the contract is less important than its content, but the title may give a general idea of what the parties intend to be, for example, a transfer, lease or concession of any kind. Contract agreements for a project between the government`s contracting authority and the private project dealer/company may be included in a single document or may contain more than one separate document. It is difficult to generalize all the possible content of these agreements, as they vary from country to country, the nature and nature of the ppp, the type of ppp, the modalities of public sector integration, implementation agreements (including financial issues), operational and sectoral use of resources, technology and other issues. However, some key elements are supposed to be addressed in most contractual agreements. For contracts that involve more than one jurisdiction (international conventions), you should agree on the law of the country (which jurisdiction) to apply in the event of a dispute. Therefore, there is no general recommendation on the structure of the content of a PPP contract. In some countries (countries of civil law), it is even common for certain provisions (for example. (b) are largely regulated by law. In this guide on the PPP, it is useful, in practice, to develop such provisions also in the contract in order to adapt them to the specifics of the project to the extent permitted by law and to increase clarity and transparency (especially for international investors). The structure of the content of the contract document can vary considerably from country to country, depending on the authority or level of government within the same country. It is preferable that the content structure, nomenclature and processing of a large number of commercial cases in a given market, with the integration of contractual guidelines or standards (see Box 5.29) in the context of PPPs be identical or similar (always taking into account the specific characteristics of each project and sector).