Both agreements are documents still in use and the research and consultation of these agreements should therefore be a simple exercise and not exceed the legal deadline to respond to a request for information. I would like to stress that only the time and charges provided for by the relevant legislation should not cover only the search, extraction and extraction of information as part of the calculation costs and the time required to apply derogations and amendments. Please note the January 23, 2015 joint agreement between London Borough of Haringey, Grainger Seven Sisters Limited and Northumberland – Durham Property Trust Limited amending the main development agreement of August 3, 2017 (see Appendix A). This document is available to the public at…. Section 41 – Confidential Information As part of the application of this waiver, please follow the required tests and provide the public body`s justifications for the following tests: If the information provided by a third party was legally in a position to act, would disclosure be a breach of trust? Does information have a quality of trust? Has the information been accompanied by a quality of trust? Would disclosure be harmful? Is there a preponderant public interest in disclosure? If the authority believes that exceptions should be applied, I can ask that these only apply to sensitive information, as required by law. Given the nature of the request, the Commission may consider the following exceptions: I apologize that we did not provide sufficient information in our previous submission. We are looking at the public interest test. You are right that we cannot ask for an extension of time to see if an exception is applicable or not. The qualified exceptions that might apply to your application are Section 36 (Public Affairs Pre-Execution) and Section 43 (Commercial Interests). Please provide me with a copy of the conditional agreement signed on August 3, 2007 between London Borough of Haringey, Grainger Seven Sisters Ltd and Northumberland and Durham Property Trust.