In addition, Article 1 of the Luxembourg Law provides that only members of certain professions can perform domicile functions for a company. These are: If you opt for this service, a home contract is prepared by Fiduciary CHInternational Luxembourg s.rl, a company of our group. As a customer of CHInternational Luxembourg s.rl, you can access, on request, conference rooms for your regular general meetings, board meetings and, depending on availability, any other type of meeting. We can also offer rental offices, depending on availability, for businesses. 2 DOMICILIATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE UNDERSIGNED: NEUILLYDOM A French limited company (SARL) with a capital of 5000 euros, headquartered at 14 Beffroy Neuilly-sur-Seine Street, registered under the number of the Register of Trade and Companies Nanterre (RCS) with license number. 86, published by the Hautsde-Seine police inspectorate on 22 January Tel: Fax: Information Bank: Societe Generale 3 place de Saverne COURBEVOIE Banking code: 30003, branch code: 03829, account number. Code: 74 IBAN: FR BIC-ADRESSE SWIFT: SOGEFRPP THE CLIENT Name/Corporate Name:… SARL SA/SAS SCI Autonomous Enterprise If others, please… Rcs:… Capital:… Headquarters: 14 rue Beffroy Neuilly-sur-Seine Represented by:… Position:…

Living with:… Tel:… Fax: Bank details: Bank name: … Address:… Banking code: … Branch code:… Account number. :… RIB code:… This directing agreement has been concluded and is subject to the following general and special conditions: For the activity of: page 1 4 GENERAL CONDITIONS 1. PURPOSE: NEUILLYDOM authorizes the client`s commercial residence in the premises at the address provided under special conditions for the establishment of its statutory headquarters or the opening of a branch, a representative, a branch, etc. The CLIENT is also granted the right to use the above address in accordance with the law and public order on its correspondence titles and promotional material.

However, it is repeated that this agreement does not grant any rights to industrial property. This agreement is concluded and accepted for a monthly EX-TAX fee, currently payable up to 20% and payable monthly on the 1st of each month upon presentation of the invoice. This agreement is concluded and accepted for an annual fee of 20% per EX-TAX, currently subject to VAT, payable each year in advance at the time of subscription. The CLIENT now accepts an annual review of the levy on the basis of the rent reference index published by lnsee and changes in postal rates. She will inform her in advance by mail. However, the home reserves the right not to make price adjustments. This revision will take place on the anniversary of the signing of the aforementioned agreement. 2. DETAILS OF NEUILLYDOM SERVICES: NEUILLYDOM hereby undertakes to provide the CLIENT with the services it chooses, which are defined under the specific conditions: 2.1.

Preservation of the post office: receiving, sorting and providing mail during office hours, i.e..