Temporary workers in the units shall record the declared duration of telework and inform the coordinator of the Office for Telework of new or changed names for telework. What is the review procedure in case of refusal of teleworking authorization? Employees should endeavour to resolve issues related to the authorization of telework with their supervisors before making a formal request for reconsideration. Employees may send a request for reconsideration to the associate administrator for administration with a copy to their chain of custody if it has been found that they are not authorized to telework. Review decisions shall be taken within 60 calendar days of receipt of a complete package. Formal requests should be directed to: Associate Administrator for Administration, Federal Highway Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE, E66-320, Washington, DC, 20590. The formal file must contain all the following elements: urgency which concerns only the official construction site. If an emergency concerns only the official construction site, which results in a delay in arrival, early release or closure, teleworking should work as planned. (6) Set clear communication and work expectations for teleworking. The Personnel Management and Personnel Management Board has released its dismissal procedures (December 2015) from Washington, DC, Area Dismissal and Closure Procedures. This publication contains guidelines for the use of telework when OPM announces federal office closures, late arrival, and early release due to emergency conditions in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. (7) Not to carry out personal activities such as domestic repairs or outbuildings while they are in a service status on the alternative construction site. Supervisors cannot approve telework arrangements in which employees care for a person during service status. A worker may telework while relatives are at home, when those relatives carry out their own activities independently or are under the control of a person other than telework.