The EEAS allows national aviation information providers – including the aiS organisations of civil aviation authorities, air navigation service providers and military administrations in the european Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) – to enter and store their data in a central repository. The EEAS allows data users – such as aircraft operators, private pilots and the general public – to retrieve and download AIS data in real time. The European Aeronautical Information Services Database (EEAS) is a central reference database, which provides quality aeronautical information, allowing users to retrieve and download AIS data in real time. It provides immediate access to the most up-to-date digital aviation information in the areas of CEAC and ECAC, aircraft communications (NOTAMs), pre-flight newsletters (PIBs), briefing services and the AIP library. On 9 December 2016, Eurocontrol was the first European provider of aviation information services certified under the Single European S. Over the past 10 years, 46 states and ANSP have decided to make full use of the EEAS and have benefited from the resulting cost reductions. The EEAS is owned by EUROCONTROL on behalf of its member states. GroupEAD manages ead Data Operations and training on behalf of Eurocontrol on behalf of a 24/7 service commission. The EEAS is safer, faster, more accurate and less expensive than the old non-harmonized methods of collecting and delivering AIS data. It increases the availability and accessibility of AIS information and helps reduce safety risks associated with the dissemination and publication of aviation information. It provides immediate access, wherever you are in the world, to the latest digital aviation information from the CEAC area, NOTAM (Notices to Airmen) and pre-flight newsletters (PIBs) from around the world. The EEAS is a unique source of your aviation data requirements. It is a safer, faster, more standardized, more accurate and cost-effective solution than previously un harmonised AIS data collection and delivery methods, which increase the availability and accessibility of aiS information.

The EEAS is the world`s largest aerosyst mation information management system (AIM). EAD is the world`s largest aeronautical information system (AIS), a central reference database with quality aeronautical information, while offering a fully integrated and state-of-the-art AIS solution. The only source of aeronautical information for vending machines and beyond.