A CpSU spokesman was unable to announce the details of the enterprise agreement on Sunday, but said the rejection was more a loss of conditions than an unsatisfactory wage offer. The CPSU also expressed concern about the abolition of part-time work as a condition of employment for women returning from maternity leave and the lack of domestic violence leave in the agreements. «Still in the largest and longest conflict in 30 years of enterprise negotiations in the Commonwealth.» Public servants are leaving or looking for other jobs, out of frustration at long wage disputes, a parliamentary inquiry has been said to be about the blocking of wage agreements. 62% of Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions staff who took part in Friday`s vote voted «no» to the proposed enterprise agreement, with 69% voting `no` in May. «This is an agency that has reached fair agreements quickly and with minimal effort, but this time they went on strike for the first time and did not vote not once, but twice,» Donnelly said. Jennifer Bryant, the KPdSU bargain hunter, one of several high-ranking lawyers who left the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP), said other consequences would follow. «We have workers with average wages… where she and her families are very hard. The Immigration Department will be the first to go to arbitration next week to try to reach an agreement. Former Public Service Commissioner Andrew Podger said he believed centralising the compensation and conditioning system would increase productivity. Assistant Secretary Barry Jackson said the department negotiated in good faith. Commonwealth prosecutors have once again rejected a pay deal offered by the Turnbull government, in a scathing charge against their «nasty» public bargaining policy, according to the public sector union. In submissions to the Senate Standing Committee on Education and Employment, it was said that morality in the ranks of the public service was at a historically low level after long wage disputes.

Flood said the negotiations have resulted in significant human costs because parents have not been able to abandon the family-friendly conditions they relied on to juggle work and children.