EurOfusion Researcher Grants (ERG) supports approximately 10 equivalent post-doctoral fellows or researchers for up to two years. For the ERG, the proposed research project must be a scientific or technical subject relevant to the objectives of the European fusion programme. The main criterion for awarding the scholarship is the qualification of the candidate and the merit of his proposal. The establishment of the EUROfusion consortium should enable Europe to work effectively towards the objectives of the roadmap. It replaces the EFDA agreement and the 29 separate bilateral association agreements linked to it between the EC and the research institutes. These 29 partners are now brought together into one integrated consortium. The program is funded under the Euratom/Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program under Grant Agreement 633053. Thirty research organisations and universities from 26 EU member states, as well as Switzerland and Ukraine, have signed the EUROfusion consortium agreement. In addition, more than 100 thirds participate in research activities through consortium members. EUROfusion Engineering Grants (EEG) presents about 20 engineers for a period of three years. With regard to the EEG, the programmes must address one or more high-priority areas defined by the EUROfusion programme manager in consultation with partner organisations such as Fusion for Energy, the European National Agency for ITER. After months of preparation, the European Consortium for the Development of Fusion Energy (already better known by the acronym EUROfusion) is finally fully established.

Today`s signing in Brussels of the subsidy agreement between the European Commission (EC) and EUROfusion is an important step in Europe`s efforts to develop fusion energy as a sustainable energy source. 27 countries are working towards a common goal: the merger flow EUROfusion and FuseNet are preparing a work plan for the European merger EUROfusion to finance all research activities on the merger, in accordance with the roadmap for the realization of fusion energy. This roadmap describes the most effective way to achieve the fusion flow. «The merger is cool enough to excite students,» said Niek Lopes Cardozo, president of FuseNet, during a discussion on merger education at the EUROfusion presentation in Brussels.