These four agreements will give us the tools to create a new healthy and positive dream. If we want a life full of joy, we must break those harmful agreements that promote suffering and failure. We need to adopt four new agreements to replace the old, harmful ones. However, much of the mitote conditioning is not so useful. We are trained to adopt certain beliefs and values that may not promote our well-being and the well-being of society or the planet. We are conditioned from an early age to be consumers; To desire wealth and possession and to aspire to a materialistic notion of «success,» in which we will place profit and monetary status above everything, including the well-being of others and the planet. In this summary, we will look in detail at each of the new agreements and then discuss how to dismantle the old agreements. Wow, this contribution seems to me to be a great springboard of «the four chords» and it is very appreciated Only love has the ability to put you in this state of happiness. Being happy is like being in love. Being in love is like being happy. You float in the clouds. You recognize love, wherever you go. It is quite possible to live like this all the time.

It`s possible because others have done it and they`re no different from you. They live in happiness because they have changed their chords and dream of another dream. – Don Miguel Ruiz Mitote & Parasite: Counter-powers of fate This dream, this mitote, takes us away from our greatest potential. If we are not aware of the dream and the parasite, they control us unconsciously. Instead of living our true identity and brandishing our authentic momentum, we will please the «judge»,bend to the «victim» and stick to the mitote. We are essentially on autopilot. If we are overweight, the victim will say that it is not our fault, so we will continue to eat too much. If we are in an abusive relationship, the judge will say that we deserve to be abused, so we will continue to be abused. Or maybe we are sleepwalking and we continue to make decisions that are in line with the rules of the dream. Wake up.

Have a coffee. Work a job you hate. Go home. Drink beer. TV. Take an atmosphere. Wake up. Repeat. The choice at this point is largely an illusion, or at least trivial. We are exposed to the turmoil of a normal sleep dream. Every day has the potential to become a nightmare.

And this is the basis of the 4th agreement: always do your best. Don Miguel understands how difficult other agreements are, but if we do our best to respect these agreements, we will strive to know who and what we can be. Today, the Mexican word is occasionally used in phrases such as «¡Qué mitote se traen esos gueyes de la fiesta!». (What a scam these parties-goings cause!) or «Hubo mitote en el ayuntamiento ayer» (yesterday there was a scandal at the town hall assembly). As a language student, you probably won`t use this word often, but if you`re passing with Mexicans at any time, it`s helpful to understand it. And if you want to impress, let it go of the conversation the next time there`s a «cacophony of voices» in your head. The belief system is like a book of law that governs our minds. There is no doubt that everything written in this book of the law is our truth. We base all our judgments on the book of law, even if those judgments are contrary to our own inner nature.