FRANCHISOR has the absolute right to refuse the deductible and to terminate this ACCORD at any time within one hundred and twenty (120) days after it comes into force, if: (1) FRANCHISOR finds that all financial, personal or other information that the franchise provides to FRANCHISOR is substantial, misleading, incomplete or inaccurate; (2) FRANCHISOR reasonably notes that franchiE or Franchie`s Manager are not qualified or competent to properly manage or operate franchiseE`S Americlnn because he or she has not successfully completed franchiSOR`s management training program or franchiSOR is unable to successfully complete the FRANCHISOR management training program; (3) FRANCHISEE does not purchase or purchase a contract to purchase an appropriate site for FRANCHISED LOCATION; or (4) franchise does not provide, at its sole discretion, acceptable evidence for the franchisor that FRANCHISEE has obtained all the necessary financing for the development, construction and operation of its Americs. FRANCHISE will not sign a contract for the sale of FRANCHISED LOCATION, unless the applicability of the sales contract is conditional on franchiSOR`s approval of FRANCHISEE and is subject to removal if franchise is refused and/or if this ACCORD is terminated by FRANCHISOR in accordance with this ARTICLE 4 (B). Franchising is immediately informed in writing by FRANCHISOR if franchise is refused or if this CONTRAT is terminated in accordance with this ARTICLE 4 (B). (i) personnel datasets that must remain confidential in accordance with legal requirements or confidentiality agreements, or (ii) intellectual property. FRANCHISEE will take care of the public as an independent contractor that operates its Americln in accordance with a franchiSOR franchise. Whenever feasible, FRANCHISE will make it clear on business cheques, stationery, orders, folios, business cards, invoices, receipts, promotional materials and other written documents, as well as on each homepage, website or other electronic presence, that FRANCHISEE is a friend® franchisee and an independent licensee of Americln International, LLC. FRANCHISEE will take all necessary measures, including measures reasonably required from time to time by FRANCHISOR, to minimize the likelihood that a claim against franchisor will be invoked for anything that occurs on franchiseE`S Americlnn, or for acts, omissions or obligations of FRANCHISEE or persons related to FRANCHISEE or FRANCHISEE`S Americln. These steps include, for example, the display of a sign at the reception of franchiseE`S Americln and in each guest room, clearly visible to the general public and indicating that franchiseE`S Americlnn is independent and operated as a franchise company. FRANCHISEE will file a certificate on the accepted name in the manner prescribed by law in order to inform the public that FRANCHISEE is operating its americlnn as an independent company in accordance with this ACCORD.

Very few «legal» terms in the franchise agreement are negotiable, but if they are raised by the mark during the negotiation of the terminology sheet prior to «committee approval,» there are several «general terms» that allow owners to negotiate.