We write to provide a Memorandum of Understanding from OUR NAME Inc. («Shorter Name») regarding a transactional contract & TransactionsResources and a guide to understanding operations and transactions in investment banking, business development and other corporate finance activities. Download templates, read examples, and learn how agreements are structured. Confidentiality agreements, share purchase agreements, purchases of securities and other M&A resources (a «Transaction») with TARGET NAME Inc. («TARGET NAME» or «Company»). We appreciate the time and energy you and your team have provided us to discuss this opportunity and the information provided so far. Exclusive trading rights. A Memorandum of Understanding is usually the first agreement entered into to present each party`s wish to enter into a purchase or service agreement provided. If the letter is binding, it constitutes a relevant document between the parties. This letter is not an official sales contract. All the terms of the proposed transaction would be set out in the sales contract, which must be negotiated, agreed upon and executed by both parties.

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