«Providing open doors to the citizens of the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) is of paramount importance. The Canadian government recognizes the Métis people as self-governing Aboriginal peoples with inherent rights. This program recognizes the links between Albertans with traditionally used lands and waterfalls in Alberta`s national parks and national historic sites. We are pleased to announce this partnership with Parks Canada. Even the province acknowledged that the credible assertion process was wrong. Alberta said it was prepared to negotiate with the MNA to develop a Métis consultation policy to replace it. These negotiations have been years long and productive. Last September, however, Alberta left the table. The promise of a good Métis consultation policy has been broken. In honouring the commitment to renewing the relationship between federal and state governments, Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Aboriginal Relations of the Crown, and Audrey Poitras, President of the Métis Nation of Alberta, signed the consultation agreement. The agreement establishes a temporary exploratory table between the MNA and Canada to reach a framework agreement between the two parties by September 2017. The expected framework agreement would initiate a formal negotiation process on the basis of consensual issues, including Méti`s autonomy, lands, rights and outstanding claims against the Crown.

The Métis Nation of Alberta, the Métis Nation of Ontario and the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan, who have extensive contacts and consultations with their citizens to further implement Métis autonomy, will be fundamental to this process. The framework agreement sets common objectives and identifies key negotiating themes such as Méti`s autonomy, land, rights and consultation protocol. The MNA has a connection to countries and waters that cover national parks and national historic sites throughout the province of Alberta. Parks Canada invites you to Parks Canada through the Indigenous Peoples Open Doors Program Indigenous Peoples, with whom they have a connection or desire to reconnect without any undue requirement for the purchase of passports or permits. For more information and a list of national parks and sites included in the Indigenous Peoples Open Door program, click here. These agreements confirm the Métis right to self-management and recognize the mandates of the Métis Nation of Alberta, the Métis Nation of Ontario and the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan. The agreements also provide for the next steps in formal recognition of Métis governments as Aboriginal governments in Canadian law. This document is the first sub-agreement signed on November 16, 2017 by Minister Bennett and President Poitras as part of the Framework Agreement for Reconciliation.