If you recently received a mysterious cheque from an organization called Network for Good to your non-profit organization, you may remember a well-known saying: «If it sounds too good to be true, it`s likely.» «[The good transfer system agreement is] the fine print of law that belies the relationship between your organization and Network for Good when we deal with donations for you. Here are the highlights: (1) Your consent so that we can raise funds for you, (2) Your right to place a link and (if you wish) a DonateNow button on your site, (3) confirmation that you are a tax-exempt organization, and (4) confirmation that your donors do not receive goods and services in return for their donation. Before you deposit the cheque, you must read the full agreement to find that your organization meets all the criteria necessary to accept the donation. Once you`ve done that, you can deposit your check! Whatever your personal opinions on Facebook, it would be a mistake not to register for the good of your organization. You should thank your donors for all the compelling reasons mentioned above, and if you receive donations via Facebook or if you receive donations via Facebook in the future, you can sign up for Facebook Payments, which allows you to do so. The provision of goods, services and software via websites is subject to us export controls and economic sanctions requirements. By purchasing such items through websites, you declare and guarantee that your purchase and use of the item are related to these requirements. Without limitation of the above, you cannot purchase goods, services or software via websites if: 1) you are under the control of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, the Crimean region of Ukraine or Syria, or if you are on the list of specially designated nationals of the U.S. Treasury Department or the list of persons denied to the U.S. Department of Commerce or if you are listed on the U.S. Treasury Department`s the list of persons refused at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

You intend to provide goods, services or software acquired in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, the Crimean region of Ukraine or Syria (or to a national or resident of one of those countries) or to a person on the list of specially designated nationals, to the list of persons denied , the unverified list or the entity list.