«Bian is going to get married without going out, it`s a taboo. But every time she runs, she finds love beyond her expectations, the love she makes better, that she can`t find,» said Refal Hady, Bian`s occupation. I see this dance that defends the house, not out of fear of the husband, but because of God,» said Indah, the Tari actor. Below you will find a list of film actors based on IMDB[4]: Playing in the film marriage contract many things that arise from men on October 24, 1993, namely learning to marry without encounter or better known as the taaruf. Wondering what the charm of Refal Hady is? Here is a nice portrait of Bian in The Wedding Agreement Film Liputan6.com summary from different sources, Tuesday (27/08/2019). Asked why he chose Makassar as the first city to present and introduce the film`s cast, Archie admitted that it was based on two reasons. Known as drama and romantic film, premiered on Thursday, August 8, 2019 in cinemas across the country, based on a bestsy novel by Mia Chuz, and then directed by Makassar director Archie Hekagery. Bian and Tari are getting closer because of Tari`s good attitude and patience, and Bian thinks that dance can change in a better direction. When Bian and Tari go shopping at the supermarket, Tari meets Sarah while Bian goes to the shoe store. Sarah wishes to make it clear that her relationship with Bian does not mean hurting Tari`s feelings, because women and Sarah do not want to damage other people`s homes. But Tari is furious that Sarah and Bian still meet often and explain that she holds her household as a household in general. Terkini.id, Makassar – Before Eid al-Adha 2019 and the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, one of Starvision Plus`s production houses presented its latest film to the public. The title of the film is a marriage contract. On the other hand, Bian still meets Sarah and promises to marry Sarah after Bian and Tari`s divorce, first Sarah refuses because she doesn`t want to be a maid, Sarah is finally ready to wait.

Bian teaches Sarah how to drive, but still asks Sarah to be careful while driving, because during her five-year relationship, Sarah is still on Bian`s shuttle. Parwez is very good at making different movie stories. In order for the film to be always chased by Indonesian film lovers, this time it is hunted down with the English title Wedding Agreement. «So a lot of sharing, first taaruf, what it seems, how they treat the introduction, if my brother is going to marry a distant cousin, then mix in his easier moments,» Hady said. (In the novel) His parents were friendly and supportive with each other when Bian`s family went bankrupt, Tari`s parents halfen get up, so they agreed to put their child up. Mama Bian was suffering from breast cancer and often contracted chemotherapy, so Bian received the match to make her happy. Meanwhile, Tari`s parents died in an accident during high school dancing, and since then, Tari has been cared for by Pakde and her home who had no children. Spend time with your friends, 5 recommendations for romantic movies that are fit to dance during the New Year holidays to be an orphan must be ready if furnished with Bian, his parents best friend. At one point, Bian fell ill, even with his flat and cold attitude towards Tari, Tari remained patient in the relationship with sick Bian, slowly Bian`s character began to soften, and even allowed Tari to feed his porridge, making Tari happy.