Special or Special Procuration: This type is performed when the client wants to give the lawyer powers to act on his behalf only for certain tasks/domains. Unless otherwise stated in this power of attorney, you must also provide that this power of attorney authorizes another person (your agent) to make decisions about your property for you (the principal). The importance of authority over the subjects listed in this form is explained in the Alabama Uniform Power of Attorney Act, Chapter 1A, Title 26, Code of Alabama 1975. These powers are governed by other applicable laws. You should choose someone you trust to act as an agent. Unless otherwise stated, the agent`s authority will generally continue until you lose your ability, die or revoke the power of attorney, or the officer resigns or is unable to act for you. Your representative is entitled to a refund of reasonable expenses and appropriate compensation, unless you indicate something else. This form provides for the appointment of an agent or co-agent. Co-agents are not required to act together unless you include this requirement. If all your agents or co-agents are unable or unable to act for you, your term will end.

This power of attorney takes effect immediately, unless you indicate something else. If you have questions about the power of attorney or authority you give to your agent, seek legal advice before signing this form. In doing so, the awarding entity gives the lawyer the power to act on behalf of a single purpose and the power expires as soon as the objective is completed or completed. The transaction can be individual or multiple, as indicated. For more information, see Special Power of Attorney. All powers conferred on counsel are, of course, revoked by law. The lawyer will not be able to act on behalf of the funder. If there was a will, it would come into force. A power of attorney may be made to last a lifetime of both, the principal and the owner of the lawyer, or it may be revoked by the principal whenever he deems it appropriate.