This Professional Services Addendum («Addendum») is an addition to the Master Services Agreement («Agreement») between Kyndi, Inc. and the customer mentioned in the order form («customer»). The client has entered into the service delivery contract (as defined). In addition, the client wishes to obtain certain professional, educational, operational and/or technical services in relation to the services under the conditions provided and provide to Kyndi. The terms basically used in this addition have the meaning defined in the agreement. The terms of this amendment are included in the agreement by reference. In the event of a conflict between this addition and the treaty, the terms of this endorsement are given priority for the purpose mentioned in it. The conditions in the work declarations refer to the rates actually collected and the days and descriptions of the professional services to be provided in the course of this activity have control over the undertaking described in this statement of work, but conflicting or complementary legal conditions can only take effect by amending this addition, even if they apply only to a declaration of work. 4.1 Guarantee. Kyndi guarantees: (a) that it and each of its employees, consultants and subcontractors, if they exist and are used to provide and perform professional services, have the knowledge, skills, experience, qualifications and resources to provide and deliver services in accordance with this standard; and (b) professional services are provided and provided to the client in a manner that is well-informed and competent, in accordance with industry standards, laws and regulatory rules applicable to the performance of these services. Kyndi`s ability to carry out this action depends on the client`s timely provision of information, access to resources and participation. If Professional Services does not match the above warranty without the customer`s fault or delay and if the customer notifies Kyndi within 30 days of Kyndi`s delivery of Professional Services, the customer`s only and exclusive recourse is that Kyndi must re-direct the non-compliant parts of Professional Services.