5 transactions under this agreement or that could significantly affect the buyer`s right to hold the client list. The seller knows no basis for such an act, action, procedure or investigation. (f) The seller acknowledges that if the seller violates or threatens to violate the seller`s obligations and agreements in this section 10, the seller`s actions may cause irreparable damage to the buyer, which could not be properly repaired by damage. In the event of a violation or threat of an infringement by the seller, the purchaser has the right to exercise rights of omission in addition to any other rights or recourse of the purchaser under this agreement or by any other means. 11. Seller`s Alliances Until the conclusion. The seller undertakes and accepts that from and after the execution and delivery of this Agreement and until the closing date: (a) all the seller`s assurances, guarantees and alliances contained in the previous paragraphs of this Agreement are true and correct and have not been violated, on the date and date of the conclusion. All the assurances, guarantees and pacts mentioned in the previous paragraphs will survive the conclusion. (b) The seller will continue to operate in an orderly manner carefully and, for the most part, in the manner that has been done to date. The seller will not take any action that would have the effect that one of the insurances and guarantees provided by the seller in this contract is not true and correct on all essential points on the date and from the reference date, with the same force and effect as if they were made on the date and from the closing date.

The seller will make reasonable economic efforts to keep the seller`s business intact and maintain the seller`s relationship with staff, customers, customers, sellers, representatives, representatives, creditors, subcontractors and suppliers, as well as others who have a commercial relationship with the seller and/or with the sale of the seller`s lucernes in the territory. The other, more specific provisions of this section do not in any way limit the universality of this subsection. (c) The seller will not sell or transfer the client list to another person or organization or otherwise re-enter it. 12. Representations, guarantees and alliances on the reference date. All insurance, guarantees and alliances provided in paragraphs 9 and 10 of these provisions are true and correct on the date and from the reference date and must not have been breached.