Security: Royal Shell charges a non-refundable cancellation ( instead of a cash deposit. By electronically signing online, the customer agrees to pay for damage caused to the rental property that is not due to normal wear, as well as fees charged during the hospital stay, including, but not limited, telephone fees, cleaning services, equipment rentals, amenity privileges, keys that are not returned to the Royal Shell Office, etc., which are recovered beyond the rental amount. Guest Satisfaction: This agreement is interpreted under Florida law and the only court and jurisdiction are the Courts of Lee County, Florida. All disputes between Royal Shell and the Client on the basis of this agreement or violation are negotiated in accordance with the rules of the Florida Bar Association or another mediator that have been accepted by the parties before filing a civil action. Mediation is a process in which the parties attempt to resolve a dispute by submitting it to an impartial mediator who facilitates the resolution of the dispute, but does not have the power to impose a settlement on the parties. The parties are evenly distributed the intermediation tax, if any. In all litigation arising from this agreement, the dominant party has the right to recover reasonable fees and legal fees at all levels. By signing this confirmation, the client undertakes to work with Royal Shell amicably and carefully to correct defects before and after the reception stay. Before any credit card disputes, online verification or administrative claims, the customer agrees to notify Royal Shell in writing and allow Royal Shell to negotiate in good faith with management to enable Royal Shell to maintain good customer relations.

Accommodation Replacement: Royal Shell reserves the right to relocate, relocate, reassign or modify the leased property that is listed on the confirmation of unforeseen circumstances. Royal Shell will do everything in its best interest to relocate the customer to a comparable or improved rental property. This confirmation does not guarantee the choice of the rented property. If a customer does not wish to move or accept alternative accommodation, Royal Shell will request a full refund or hill if an event is not available during the occupation. Under no circumstances will Royal Shell be responsible for any other costs related to relocations or cancellations of real estate. Housing substitution cannot be replaced by the establishment of accommodation. In addition, there is no guarantee, but it is also possible that the rental of a building in the state of heavy labour will lead the tenant to stay in the tenancy agreement longer than he would otherwise be able to do. Simply put, if a tenant invests time and money in completing an integrated area to accommodate the space, it is unlikely that they will want to move as soon as their lease needs to be renewed. Holiday Protection Plan: Royal Shell offers optional cancellation and interruption insurance that protects customers from unforeseen circumstances that may result in cancellation or early departure.