«The SIUC Faculty Association (FA) is the organization that represents approximately 700 Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty in collective bargaining with Southern Illinois University.» –Illinois Education Association Hi Kallie, thanks for contacting the clerks. They were recommended by a research committee that represents faculties, staff, students and others related to the SIU and the community. The finalists have risen to the head of a solid pool of candidates based on their origins and strengths. I must say that the characterization of Dr. Evans and Dr. Lane «were both examined for embezzlement at their universities and that Dr. Lane was fired for it» is unclear. First, neither was accused of misappropriating funding. In Dr. Evans` case, there was internal disagreement over how to spend funding after a hurricane that affected the campus and its students. In Dr. Lane`s case, there were financial charges involving an employee who was fired, not Dr. Lane.

In addition, Dr. Lane was ultimately not fired; it has entered into a mutual separation agreement with the institution. I would like to add that the company that helped the university in its research has passed extensive in-depth examinations and has referred to all the finalists. In short, the screening committee was aware that Dr. Evans and Dr. Lane were facing controversies on their campuses. Given the number of ridings they serve, the public nature of their work and the difficult choices they have to make, this is not uncommon. In the cases of Dr.

Evans and Dr. Lane, the committee considered the candidates` application files, preliminary interviews, leadership, work experience and performances, in addition to the thought information to which they were exposed. The consensus was that both candidates should be invited to interviews and given the opportunity to answer questions about their context. The goal throughout the research was to identify outstanding candidates who could effectively lead the university, and I think the three finalists have that potential. We encourage everyone who participates in the interviews to comment on the candidates chancellor.siu.edu/search the form. Best,Marc E. Morris, JD, PhD Chair, Chancellor Search Advisory Committee Here is the full statement of SIUC-FA President Dave Johnson to the Board of Trustees on May 29, 2020. The SIUC administration released the plan below for the fall of 2020, on Monday, June 29. MarcMarc E. Morris, JD, PhDDIRECTOR, SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTANCYREHN HALL, ROOM 232AMAIL CODE 4631SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY1025 LINCOLN DRIVECARBONDALE, ILLINOIS 62901memorris@business.siu.eduP: 618 /453-1405F: 618 /453-14111BUSINESS.

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