At New Beginnings Family Law, we are committed to providing compassionate legal advice to parents with custody issues or disputes. If you need help with a child care issue in Huntsville, contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. You can reach us by phone, email via the contact form on our website or via live chat. Don`t wait. Contact us now. However, joint custody does not guarantee that both parents will spend the same amount of time with the child. Usually, one parent is considered the primary custodian and the other is granted visitation rights. Parents must then agree on a schedule to share time with the child. Remember that if you and the other parent agree on your custody and visitation plan, you can make any arrangements you want.

The court will only order a standard schedule if the parents disagree. The laws governing Alabama`s custody and visitation plans are found in Chapter 3, Title 30 of the Alabama Code. The default schedules all resemble this schedule. You can have joint custody, when your child has frequent and ongoing contact with both parents, or sole custody, when your child lives with one parent and visits the other parent. Check with your local court or judge to see if there is a standard plan for your court. Under Alabama law, couples who voluntarily separate can notify the court and within 20 days, the court can determine which parent should have custody and control of the children, and make decisions about care and upbringing. If you are in a custody or access dispute, it is important that you hire an experienced family law lawyer. The judge who determines your custody agreement will decide everything based on their perception of what is in your child`s best interests. A lawyer will know exactly how to present your case so that you can provide your child with a great home. You understand the nuances of Alabama`s divorce law and can make sure every step is taken to keep you and your child together. You can set your schedule in a childcare calendar so you can easily see when the child is with each parent.

You can include your calendar and a written description of your schedule in your parenting plan. If you and the other parent can agree on a custody plan, you can set any schedule with court approval. However, if you cannot agree, your schedule will be set for you by the judge. The following children`s visits are an example of a «standard» Alabama visit schedule used by some Alabama judges. This special visit of the child applies to divorce if both parents reside in the state of Alabama. Different standard visiting times apply if a party lives in another state. All areas of the law, including standard visits, are subject to change. Check with an experienced divorce attorney in Alabama to determine which standard visiting language, if any, is used in your jurisdiction. Determining custody and visiting children can be a confusing and emotionally charged process. Parents naturally want to get involved in their children`s lives and see them as much as possible, but if the parents are divorced or unmarried, it can be difficult to reach a satisfactory custody arrangement for both parties.

In the event of a divorce in Alabama, the parties are free to enter into a settlement agreement on the schedule of visits for the children. If the parties can`t agree on a children`s visit schedule, many Alabama courts have a «standard» visit schedule that has entered most divorce cases. The standard visit to Alabama is usually determined by the age of the child and the distance between the parents` residences. However, not all Alabama judges use the same standard tour schedule. The exact details of standard alabama tours can vary from county to county and even judge to judge. You must have information about physical custody in your Alabama parenting plan. Physical custody is where your child lives and how you and the other parent share time with the child. If you disagree on the schedule, the judge will determine it. Alabama doesn`t have a standard visiting schedule for the state, but many counties and judges have a standard plan that they order if parents disagree. .

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