Are you interested in joining an organization on campus? ONE UTEP is an organization that fights extreme poverty and disease by actively involving students in campus outreach. Are you interested in being one of our members? Ask us how! You can upgrade to Honors House or email ONE under As an incoming student, you are invited to participate in the program if you meet our minimum requirements, which are at least SAT 1030 (only math and verbal) or ACT 22 or top 10%. If you are a current first-year student who has completed your first semester at UTEP with a minimum AMP of 3.3, you can apply to Feel free to email us if you have any further questions! Are you ready for UTEP Live? Hello, thank you for your contact! In order for us to best answer your question, please send us an e-mail to All documents required by UHP are no longer accepted personally. Fee forms must be emailed to Documents must be legible and submitted in a single PDF file. Make sure all information is true and accurate, false information may prevent you from receiving honor credit. NOTE: Based on program requirements, the student becomes inactive if no effective training notice or graduation form is issued each year. Once the honorary project is completed and the final grade known for the course, the faculty should send the honorary program the following information via email, so that Honors Credit can be saved on the student`s transcript for the course: The symbols in the middle represent some of the key goals and values of the UHP, with the whole world suggesting worldliness.

the column that symbolizes strength and constancy, as well as the house of honor from which we work. The pen and book in the middle represent the search for knowledge, something we hope our members will cling to well beyond their college years. Visit El Paso, TX, a concert or event in this unforgettable venue. Enjoy the unforgettable view of the mountains and other animal beauties in the tram. After entering the fee program, students collaborate with the faculty of fees to develop a fee project for their course and conclude the student/faculty contract. The contract must be filed on April 17, 2020 or April 17, 2020 for spring 2020. . If you have an AMP of 3.25 or better or if this is your first semester at the EPCC, please apply electronically for the Honors program. . Spend some time visiting an amazing art collection at the El Paso Museum of Art. The color scheme, mainly navy blue, is synonymous with competence, stability, knowledge and integrity. White is associated with successful beginnings, charity and productivity, while black symbolizes strength, elegance and formality.

MI=Miles BLK=Block KM=kilometers MT=meters YD=Yards Sun Bowl organizes more than 50 events a year and has a lot of history in El Paso, TX.