Hello, I need help??? I rent a house with two bedrooms and they have lived there for over 6 six six years and there was no contract or deposit made…. I told them in November that they had to leave, and now it is February, the woman told me that they could live there by law without paying rent for 3 months. It`s been 3 months since they were asked to leave and they took things from home, but still live there without paying rent!! What must I do???? An on-site AST protects tenants from non-professional landlords, as the details of the lease are recorded in a written contract, for example. B when the rent has to be paid, how much it is, how their deposit is taken care of during the lease and who is responsible for repairs, because tenants sometimes have to pay the bill according to the type of damage that has been caused. So I moved in someone to rent a room no tenacy agreement stayed since December so 4 months of rent paid each month discovered that there was a property board and make me homeless just chucking myself a date that I need not, if I stand somewhere for something A rent deposit is money that belongs to the tenant. In order for a landlord to make deductions, the signed lease, the lease, must be approved. A rental right defines the relationship between the landlord and the tenant when strict conditions – such as those contained in a tenancy agreement – do not exist, are defective or have expired. At the beginning of the landlord-tenant report can also be established a rental contract. However, it would have been polite to tell you that she intended to use your room while you were away. Therefore, if you are renting to a family member and you want it as a lease, it is particularly important that a formal lease document be submitted. It is important to understand that even a written lease does not always involve the full extent of what is required by law. However, all essential rights or obligations that your landlord should consider are still protected by the official laws of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, even if they are not included in the lease.

Even if «verbal agreements» are legally binding, it is recommended that you always have a written lease. Even if there is no formal agreement, a termination is usually necessary to terminate a lease. The owners of an AST protect the owners by a formal agreement between them and their tenants on the basis of the lease. Details like the rent and when it needs to be paid, who is responsible for repairs, details of rent increases, the length of the lease and details of how the deposit is managed throughout the lease. Other names for most oral leases are monthly or periodic leases. Tenants pay rent for a predetermined period. B for a week or a month. If you want to continue to reside in a rental or apartment house, you pay rent for an additional period of time.

Often, tenants have a month-to-month contract and pay the rent on the first of each month. I`m moving into an apartment a year ago this month. 6 months in I could not pay me rent, so I went to my landlord and I explained that I was going to leave, but if it was possible, he asked me if I was doing a carpentry job and said, yes he put me to work on one of his properties, since we have an oral agreement (I never signed anything , even when I moved in) I did a $500 rental work. It worked very well, I`m doing the job he`s asking me to do to thank me for helping me do things that he doesn`t ask me to do, but I know I have to do. It gets well over $500 rental fee, but the deal was that I wasn`t working in cash for rent, so I keep working. A few months ago he had an operation of a blow stuck in his stretcher witch made him sick, which was all said, took on me twice already, telling me to do my business a move and then turn around an hour or so later an excuse tells me I can stay .