I have known about the Lima agreement since Whitlam`s election. And every government since Whitlam has slowly and gently eroded our rights. The fact is, you almost have to have a license to breathe. It is no longer a free country. The DLP believes that the initial target of a 30% reduction in Australian production was far too high and that there were better ways to help developing countries. What has emerged in the years that have been marked by the signing of the Lima Declaration by the ALP is that the 30% target has actually exploded, with current estimates exceeding 90%. The Lima conference also left a number of difficult issues unanswered, including how to improve climate finance. The 2009 Copenhagen Accord promised to allocate $100 billion a year to help developing countries cope with climate change. There is still no clue as to whether and how the world will get there. This is worrying, especially for the poorest countries.

c) «Facilitate the development of new and strengthened policies, taking into account their economic structure and economic, social and security objectives, which would encourage their industries, which are internationally LESS COMPETITIVE, to gradually move to more sustainable production chains or other economic sectors, which would lead to structural adjustments within developed countries and the reorganization of the production capacities of these industries to developing countries and promoting increased use of natural resources. and the people in it.» Today, the Prime Minister changed his attitude, saying, «We are all doing what we can, including Australia, and we need a strong and effective agreement from Paris next year.» Australia has pledged AUD 200 million to the Green Climate Fund. A task force will be set up within the Prime Minister`s department and cabinet, which will work on Australia`s emissions pledges, giving more weight to the issue in Canberra`s political machine. The Lima declaration was introduced by Whitlam 12 million later Frazer govt. Ratifies and made things worse for Aust. at the same time. An unelected person signed m. Willesee (not Mike)! All the polls have denied this. One of the first signs of its effect was the deluge of cheap batteries from the Philippines.

The Clyde batteries in Sydney was one of the largest Mfrs that will be closed in the next few years after lima declaration.