If you search for customers online, you are exposed to many people depending on the platform you use, which increases your chances of getting a customer. There are many ways to get customers and sign a contract for a transportation contract in these locations. An example would be to provide different types of marketing strategies, such as z.B. Be creative with the way you promote your service to get a truck load, with a very professional profile and a humorous approach. The effectiveness of this would vary depending on the type of market you attract and how they react to your marketing style. If you`re lucky, you may be able to attract many customers, so you`ll be better prepared, as unmet or bad service quality can damage your reputation and lead to bad feedback. Logistics companies are also part of our professional customers. Because this industry needs a large number of trucks that they sometimes cannot provide, they use Transportify`s services to execute delivery orders for their transportation contract. The items delivered would vary depending on the customer in the logistics sector. 🚚 Getting a transportation contract means acquiring projects based on the requirements of a particular customer. These types of businesses come from different sectors and the arrangement, such as the number of trips, the distances from one place to another would depend on the agreement.

Once you have entered into a contract and have signed, you are obliged to travel with the company for the duration of the contract. Transportify, the most requested application, allows customers to book at any time, depending on their needs and schedules, just like drivers. As soon as a driver joins the platform, they don`t need to make trips until he chooses to get one. Transportify has thousands of customers to book on the platform, so a driver can actually choose the type of booking he wants, including time and location. He can also travel while he has signed a transport contract if he does not violate anything, for example.B. Exclusive. Being part of an on-demand application is a significant benefit for a driver, as they can accept reservations at any time if they want to add up their income. In some cases, it can also be difficult to get individual customers. Since you get these people online without a transportation contract, it is difficult to verify whether they are legitimate customers or not. There will be times when a customer will use your service and cancel at the last minute if you are already at the collection site, or sometimes even to haunt you and not appear at all.

Acquiring customers does not mean equal profit. There are times when many operators run into payment problems with their customers. The ability to have a transportation contract to serve a large company or logistics company will increase your ability to get regular reservations for constant revenue, but not everyone does. Some experienced operators have had a point where a customer does not pay or has to pay a certain amount of money, but is postponed to several months later because companies are not very liquid and agile to pay their debts.